The Cha Cha Club
Dating Man-ifesto

A dating success advice book with
48 Guidelines to help you
have more fun dating.

Ladies, buy this book right now. It’s super easy and fun to read, logical, inpsiring yet not overwhelming. Sophie gives clear and simple guiidelines, follow them and you’ll see the difference in how men treat you.

– Jess, Amazon review


What People Are Saying

“This is a fantastic and fun book to read. Being in the online dating business it’s sometimes hard to recommend a book that has answers in it that you need. This is that book! Buy it and have a ‘cha cha’ moment.”

“A fun read, filled with common sense and uplifting advice! It made me re-evaluate my approach to dating and gave me great tips regarding online dating.”

“I laughed so hard at some parts that my husband actually came into the room to see what was up! Every mom should get this book for her daughters BEFORE they start to date…it could save them a lot of heartache. Where was this book 10 years ago, when I really needed it?!”

Take A Glimpse Inside The Dating Man-ifesto

5 Important Tips You’ll Learn

1. Tips for Online Dating. Dating Sites – Free versus Fee. How to Create a Killer Dating Profile. Responding to Emails and Chat Requests. Red Flags. The No-picture Dude. But What If He Won’t Ask Me Out?

2. How to Give Good Dates. Savvy Tips for First Dates. Après-date Etiquette. Possible Dating Outcomes Chart. Signs the Date Went Well. Date Number Two and Beyond. How Men and Women Handle Breakups.

3. Understanding Men. 8 Secrets to Understanding Men. The Art of Difficult Conversations. Communicate so Your Man Will LIsten. How to be Approachable. Flirting. The Beauty Myth.

4. Develop Your Douche-ray Vision. When to Walk Away, When to Run. Signs You May Be Dating a Douche Bag. 7 Signs Your Man May Be Cheating on You

5. Finding Mr Right. Polydating. Sex. Dating Quality Men. Exercise: Are You a Quality Woman? Exercise: Traits in a Mate. Exercise: What Makes You Amazing? …and MORE!

About The Author

Adele Frizzell (Pen name: Sophie Winters) is the author of four books, two of which focus on dating and relationships:

“After I launched The Cha Cha Club Dating Man-ifesto, I had the strongest feeling that I would meet a really amazing man within a year. Maybe that’s because writing a dating and relationship book made it crystal clear what kind of man I wanted to date and let into my life. I was keenly aware that I had to follow my own advice if I wanted to attract a Quality Man. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that seven months after I published my first book, I found one and married him.

By following The Guidelines I wrote about in my book, I became a lot more successful at dating. I hope you will too.”

Adele’s second book, It’s Not You, It’s Us: A Guide for Living Together Without Growing Apart is available on Amazon. 

Adele Frizzell is an online health coach who helps women get leaner, stronger, and healthier through nutrition education and habit change. She’s written four self-help books. To learn more, visit

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